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The Next Big Digital Marketing Trends
The Next Big Digital Marketing Trends
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Pinterest is not just an important platform to drive website traffic; it is also a platform for branding and e-commerce. Pay attention to these statistics before planning your marketing and SEO strategy by using Pinterest tools. 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on the platform. Facebook has also introduced new policies and features to help businesses, brands, and influencers monetize their content. From new updates and features to whole new platforms, 2021 changed the social media industry. The year began with the dramatic need for curbing the spread of false news and information.



Take advantage of this data to personalize your social media strategy to the people already interested in your business. If you don’t have a clear picture of your target audience, as well as the different types of personas within your audience, now is the time to really dig in and build that out. If you don’t know who you’re engaging with or posting for, your social media strategy won’t be successful. Use our tips to find your target audience, and consider using these customer feedback questions to gain even more insight.



Social media, podcasts, and video content play huge roles here. Each channel is used by potential customers looking to learn or be inspired. Let’s take a look at some other key performance indicators to consider as you create a marketing plan based on the funnel stage you’re targeting.



Companies posting weekly see an engagement rise by 2x on LinkedIn. Another cool feature is the name pronunciation, which allows users to record and add the correct pronunciation of their names to their profiles. Companies using Twitter for customer service see a 19% lift in customer satisfaction. Tweets with more than 2 hashtags might have 17% lesser engagement. Twitter’s total website traffic is 3 times the actual active user base.



For businesses, the merger of messaging platforms is an exciting opportunity. This merger will simplify customer support for businesses globally, as customer service representatives will not have to juggle messages on multiple social media platforms. First, you will need to redesign your sales funnel to drive traffic to your online store. This includes changing your calls-to-action on your website, email marketing, online advertising, and social media platforms. Once a trend has been adopted for some time, it influences the development of new trends. This continuous cycle of growth drives social media platforms.



If you decide to run a contest or giveaway and require users to comment to enter, looking at comments as your KPI may be a great choice in determining how your contest performs. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. You could then use this metric as a way to compare the success of your contests moving forward, by seeing which contest got the most comments. Speaking of third-party tools, if you’re in search of a powerful and comprehensive Instagram analytics tool, you may want to check out Later’s new Instagram Analytics. You can sort this data by content type , as well as by days, months, and years. From here, you can then compare all product shots against, say, lifestyle content to determine which your audience prefers. If you find that your audience is more interested in product content, you may decide to invest more heavily in product photoshoots and scale back on the lifestyle photoshoots.



Pinterest is introducing a slew of new ways that retailers and influencers can promote shoppable products through API. Moving beyond single item product pins, or a carousel, now businesses can tag several products within one Pin. It’s similar to an AR shopping experience , allowing you to envision multiple items in one setting.



Being vulnerable and authentic with your brands is the new day’s reality. In such a situation, you need to humanize your brand so that people can talk to your brand. Marketers are interacting with the customers through virtual reality. Social media platforms are the best way to bridge the gap amongst people all over the world.



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